SmallSimple - making a difference in small and simple ways!

Welcome to SmallSimple, an initiative to promote small, simple and down-to-earth actions to make a real difference in the Fourth World.

Why Fourth World?
Within the Third World, there exists two worlds: that of the affluent and the rich, and that of the poor. We use the term Fourth World to describe the world of the poor, be it in rich affluent countries or in the ‘poor’ Third World. In the Fourth World social trends sustain poverty and injustice, people therein are neglected and forgotten.

Why SmallSimple?
Development has become a sophisticated business. The ‘experts’, governmental or non-governmental, often fail to understand the complexities of poverty; they waste a great deal of resources.

SmallSimple is born out of real experiences of living and working in neglected communities in the Fourth World. We believe that small actions can bring an end to the social trends that allow poverty and injustice to persist; we do not believe in ‘big’ talk. SmallSimple will help create a better understanding of the realities of poverty through learning by doing.

Fourth World Action - promoting health and justice
SmallSimple has close links with Fourth World Action, a charity registered in the United Kingdom. Fourth World Action advocates simple ideas and practical action to create a better world. Currently it supports a community health project in India where village health workers run a tuberculosis programme, treat common illnesses and carry out health promotion.

By learning from such action and promoting the right approach, SmallSimple will create a greater understanding of the forgotten people in the Fourth World.
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